"Hi, I am Alyssa Dean

I have a deep admiration for love and ambition. I romanticize the little things and swoon at the individuals who carve their own paths and march to the beat of their own drums. To be honest, it's more than just a mere fascination for me. I am constantly brimming with excitement, eagerly awaiting the chance to capture a slice of time for someone, so they can hold onto the beauty of these moments for years to come. It's gifting them a time capsule that can be shared with future generations. 

Time is the most valuable asset we possess, and I believe the best way to spend it is by creating lasting memories and cherishing the fleeting moments with our loved ones and the things we hold dear. We should always pursue our dreams, but never forget to pause and appreciate the beauty around us – the people, places, and things that will never be exactly the same again. Time marches on, which is precisely what makes it all so special. 

There are numerous reasons why I am passionate about my profession, but above all, it's because having a camera in my hands serves as a constant reminder that we always have a reason to create, treasure, and commemorate our lives, every chance we get.


Alyssa Dean Photography specializes in celebrating friendships and couples, captivating your adventurous spirit, confidence and imagination through creative portraiture. She also creates unique content for brands, boss babes, and entrepreneurs – all the things she loves! Alyssa is a Texan girl through and through, a proud mother of 3 wonderful children, and wears many different hats depending on the day. She genuinely adores people, working with her hands, discovering new ways to get creative while putting a high emphasis on personal growth, health, and adventure.. a lot of that adventure one. She has been drawing since she was a child and that was nurtured in her through generations of artists in her own family tree. Photography came to life for her as another tool to explore the world around her & she hasn't put a camera down since. Through her craft, she has discovered a talent for helping individuals see themselves in a new light through her lens and an eye for doing it with unique and original compositions. Over the years she noticed a pull towards portrait photography and realized what it was that drew her to it in the first place, connection. Through imagery we can create a deeper relationship with ourselves, the people we love, the landscapes and passions of our lives and freeze it into a snapshot for a lifetime. ADP has witnessed tears, laughter, joy, and newfound confidence radiate from her clients who seized the opportunity to capture thier most precious moments and milestones. While living through her passion, clients have transformed into friends, bonds have been created and it is truly an honor for Alyssa Dean Photography to be the one you choose to tell your story.